BAAT Medical

BAAT Medical specializes in medical device development and offers services related to medical device design consultancy, regulatory consulting, and quality testing.


Whatever the challenge we can devise a solution. Whether it is by developing a polymer specifically geared towards your requirements, making a library of polymers and provide you with R&D materials, finding hands-on solutions to acute problems or contributing to your regulatory filings, at PolyVation we know how to deal with a challenge in an […]

Bether Encapsulates

Bether Encapsulates is a company specializing in encapsulation. We have experience with many important encapsulation techniques such as spray drying, (double) emulsions and (co)acervation.


In fine mechanical engineering, we develop, manufacture and sell serial repeat products through to assemblies of innovative technological products. We can also provide support in all facets of engineering. Together with you, we devise a suitable solution for technological issues of any level. From simple components to customized solutions. We strive to build a long-term […]