Witec develops and manufactures high-quality, technological products. Among other things, we make personalized medical implants that allow complicated bone fractures to recover faster and better.

Witec is based in Stadskanaal and, with over 100 employees, is a successful and rapidly growing company in precision engineering. Witec develops, produces and sells technologically leading products and assemblies. Characteristics here are accuracy, seriality and strict regulations or other special criteria that must be met, such as cleanliness. The main markets targeted by Witec are:
– The semiconductor industry
– The measurement & analysis equipment market
– The packaging industry
– The medical industry

Witec has organized its main activities into four divisions, namely:
– Witec Precision : precision mechanical parts and high-tech components
– Witec Motion : high-tech systems and inductive modules
– Witec Medical : medical implants and instruments
– Witec Development : industrial product development.

Witec Medical is an independent ISO 13485 certified manufacturer of medical implants and instruments. Witec Medical is distinguished in part by the openness offered to legal manufacturers to directly oversee production for which they bear product liability in accordance with the MDR2020.

Supported by Witec Development, Witec Medical investigates, together with its clients, how both functionality and manufacturability can be optimally secured within the applicable laws and regulations. This is what Witec means by its pay-off ‘innovating together’: through innovation and cooperation, Witec enables its clients to distinguish themselves sustainably and to lead their market. The personal collaborative relationship with legal manufacturers combined with knowledge of technology makes Witec Medical a unique partner in the medical manufacturing industry.

Witec works closely with the UMCG and the RUG. For example, Witec provides guest lectures in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship at the RUG and offers internships and graduation places to students of the RUG. We work closely with the UMCG to develop new medical products in which technology is used to enable higher quality medical care at lower costs. The underlying aim of this for Witec is to create high-quality employment for the Northern Netherlands manufacturing industry, including for people distanced from the technical labor market. Witec does this on the basis of its core values of innovation, cooperation and social responsibility.

To enable the rapid growth demanded by the market, in 2012 Witec started its own company training for hands-on learning within the technical sector. For this, Witec received the 2018 OOM Award for the most active learning company of 2018 and was voted company of the year of the province of Groningen in 2019.


Stelmaker 7
9502 EG  Stadskanaal
The Netherlands

Eric Vos, CEO